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Seocho PSA offers unlimited opportunities for teachers that are looking for a totally unique teaching experience. The staff is kind caring, and most importantly understanding to foreign teachers’ expectations in a working environment. Although, Seocho PSA is on the larger size of teaching institutions, with sixteen foreign teachers, it still gives time and attention to both students and teachers alike. With Seocho PSA being a YBM School, we are fortunate to have the money and resources to provide our students with a learning experience like no other. As a teacher there is no bigger reward than seeing your students grow and become amazing little English speakers by year’s end.

I feel as a teacher completing my second year at Seocho PSA and my third contract in Korea, that I was very fortunate that Seocho PSA decided to take me on as a teacher. The experience has been above and beyond what I could have hoped for from a school. The staff is quite focused on bringing new teachers that are well suited for the position, which makes the working environment really a wonderful place to be a part of. Many teachers decided to stay on for another contract after their first year. That says a lot about the kind of attention that they place on the teachers’ well-being. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Seocho PSA and would recommend to anyone that is looking for a truly amazing experience as a teacher in Korea, to come and teach at Seocho PSA!!
Elaine Krause Seocho PSA Teacher 2007

Location : Near Seoul National University of Education Station (Line #2, #3)

This is our gym.
Information Desk
This is our information desk.
Theme Room
This is our theme room! Children have a lot of fun every week.
Cooking Class
We have delicious time in cooking class!
Theme-based Projects
The students collaborate with each other and the teachers to create information and fun projects for others to view and enjoy.
Classical Violin Class
Students learn the basics of playing the violin. It is a great way to start them out learning a musical instrument.
Cooking Class
Students get to learn about cooking through hands on experience. They also cover kitchen safety and how to follow a food recipe. A class full of joy and foods that everyone enjoys!
Art & Craft
A room full of creative energy and possibilities. The students enjoy learning about different artists, types of art (painting, drawing, pastels, etc…), and crafts. This class is always hands on and the children are always in high-spirits!
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