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1. Session

- PSA Yearly academic calendar : From March to February.
- 2013 Summer vacation : 7/24 ~ 7/31
Winter vacation : 12/23 ~12/31
Teacher’s prep days for new school year : 2/27~3/3

2. PSA

- PSA since 1996
- PSA Students’ age : 5 ~ 7yr
- Elementary students : 1st ~ 2nd grade
- Speaking only English Kindergarten.
- co-teaching system
- Each class has three teachers (Korean bilingual teacher, Native teacher, Korean assistant teacher)
- 20 students per class

- PSA Curriculum
1) Monthly Theme : Theme based learning, core songs, core vocabulary…
2) Regular Subject (Textbook) : Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Math, Critical thinking
3) Character Education : Character Education, The Greatest People in History, Learn To Share
4) Special Subject : Art, Science, Music, Musical English, PE (Chinese-7yr experienced class)

- Yearly Major Event (Parents are invited)
1) Open Class : in May
2) Parents’ Night : in October
3) PTC (parents & teacher conference)- twice a year (July & February)

3. Working Hours

- 9:00am~4:30pm / Monday through Friday
- Teacher may be asked and is required to accept extended teaching hours to 6:00pm
if the school has 2nd grade of elementary students or for Summer & Winter Intensive courses (August & January)
-Teacher will get over paid for this but One-Night camp or Parents’ Night are not counted as overtime.

4. Job Particulars

- Teachers need to stay with students all day.
- Teachers have PSA lunch with students.
- Teachers also take in charge of taking care of the students in playtime, bathroom time, lunch time…the whole day.
- Discipline policy
Never physical, painful punishment nor humiliating punishment.

5. Qualifications

- BA degree
- Education or English major preferred
- Salary will be different based on the teacher’s major, teaching experience, TESOL certification

No TV Week
No TV Week for one week. Turn off the TV!
Spring Picnic
PSA students enjoy a day out in the park during Spring and Fall. Students enjoy various activities, testing their skills in speed, strength, and coordination. They also enjoy a picnic lunch with friends and teachers.
Market Day
PSA students made the products. Come to PSA Market!
Cooking Fair
Class Cooking Contest! Which class is the best?
Korean Culture Day
Students and teachers celebrate Chuseok by wearing Hanbok to school and enjoy experiencing traditional Korean culture. Making traditional food, songpyeon and playing traditonal hopscotch game and tuho are some of the fun activities they do on this special day.
St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day is a great holiday in the West for treasure hunting and other exciting activities for kids. In Panda class this year, we used it as a chance to grow together as a class. First, we made simple leprechaun hats for the kids to wear.On St. Patrick's Day, the kids all wore their green clothes and their green leprechaun hats. Then, while they ate lunch, Allison Teacher and Kelly Teacher went and scattered 3 and 4 leaf clovers around the playground. Then, we all went together to the playground and the children ran around, collecting clovers on the playground. After that, we went upstairs and collected our prizes: one piece of candy for each clover they found. The kids all had a wonderful time!
Habitat Week
We're learning about various habitats.
Pajama Day
We're having fun with pillows and dolls.
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